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Hello Gorgeous,

I am Nikki McDaniel, a CAPPA trained Postpartum Doula, mama, and wife. I have been in love with my high school sweetheart since 2008 and we have two sweet babies of our own. I started an in-home daycare when my daughter was born, where I was taking care of children/infants starting in 2018. I have an extraordinary ability to navigate the needs of a family, stay organized, and problem solve all while holding a baby or two and maintaining the house.

After having my daughter, I struggled with finding and getting support during the postpartum period. Our families lived out of state and could only visit us for a short period of time. I was sleep deprived, emotional, learning everything, and didn't know what was "normal". During my time of distress, I made it my mission to reduce the struggle for other families going through this crucial time.

We often focus so much on the birth of our babies that we don't plan for the time after when we are left to care for this tiny human. What will we need for our babies and for ourselves? What is normal for my baby's sleep, baby feeding, postpartum recovery? How do I balance it all? Where and what support do I need? It can be overwhelming! 

I am here to hold your hand and guide you through the 4th trimester. Babies and their families are my passion and I'm excited to be a part of your journey.

Helping Hands

I provide you and your family with care, understanding, information, and support after birth. Our initial meeting will help us get to know one another and explore your needs to help you have a positive postpartum experience.


Postpartum Support Day/Night

My goal is to reduce any stress, allowing you to enjoy your transition into parenthood as a new or seasoned parent. Postpartum support often includes assisting with feeding baby, pumping, bathing, and healthy sleep habits. I am also there to help with errands, basic household chores, feeding the family, and giving you and your partner a chance for more rest. During night support, my main goal is to help you get the rest you need to heal your body and mind while maintaining precious bonding opportunities during night feedings.


Sibling Support

I will be on call starting at 38 weeks so you can rest assured that your child(ren) will be in good hands while you birth your new baby. We will have one visit prior to your birth to get to know you and your other babe(s). Sibling support includes 24 hours of care but can be longer if needed at an additional hourly rate. 
I take on a very limited number of clients for sibling support to make sure I can meet the needs of your family.

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Fort Collins, CO, USA


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